This is only a gift of information, not a judgment or demand of any kind.
From time to time all of us get notes from folks who are concerned about the spiritual condition of mankind. All too often confusing terms and phrases are used. I thought it might be useful to make some parallels and contrasts, from this wholesome hobby we are involved in, to frame the question: WHERE WILL EACH OF US SPEND ETERNITY?
I often think that a tractor restoration is a picture of spiritual salvation. That is, a tractor that began it's "life" as a fine strong useful thing, wears out, rusts rots, and "dies". This is exactly what SIN in the world and in ourselves, does to us. When a tractor is restored it is made new again and all it's faults are repaired. Obviously there are many parallels and contrasts in this comparison.

Parallel: Just as a Tractor is unable to work without wearing out and needing RESTORATION,
a Person is unable to live without sinning (doing wrong) and needing SALVATION.
(Romans; 3:10, 3:23, & 5:12)

Parallel: By RESTORATION, the dead and worthless Tractor becomes new and valuable.
By SALVATION the dead and spiritually worthless Person becomes new and valuable.
(Romans; 6:23 & 5:8)

Parallel: A RESTORATION takes a commitment and action. Good intentions mean nothing.
SALVATION requires a commitment and personal action. (Romans; 10:9 & 10:10)

Contrast: RESTORATION is made available to Tractors on their merits as seen by the restorer.
SALVATION is available to All People regardless of their merits. (Romans; 10:13,
Matthew; 10:32 & John; 3:16)

Contrast: Tractors have no choice about being RESTORED.
People must say yes or no to SALVATION. (Matthew; 10:33 & Romans 10:13)

Parallel: RESTORED Tractors continue to wear and fade so need maintenance and care.
SAVED People need maintenance and growth. (1 Peter; 2:2 & Hebrews; 10:25)

Contrast: By RESTORATION the Tractor, is kept new for as long as the restorer chooses.
By SALVATION the Person is kept new for Eternity, as God has promised (John; 6:37)

Parallel: Tractors have no means or power to RESTORE themselves.
People are powerless to SAVE themselves. They must trust God. (Ephesians; 2:8, 9)

Comment: SALVATION is an issue of trust and choice, not of our own effort, or of one of our
denominational identity.
If we choose not to admit our own helplessness and worthlessness, and choose to trust
In ourselves we won't spend eternity in Heaven. (Acts; 4:12 & Matthew 10:33)
If we choose to admit our lost and lowly state, and trust Jesus Christ for Salvation we
can spend eternity with Him in a glorious Heaven. (John; 14:6)

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